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Virtual** and In-Person Vegan Cooking Classes with Chef Afi Green

These classes are designed to be just as fun for the cooking enthusiast who wants to be a part of every step, as it is for the first timer who's happier observing and assisting (or taste testing!) These classes are taught in-home or online with a minimum of 6 people for  a virtual class. 

So grab your apron and a refreshing beverage and let's get cooking. All classes virtual and in-person are booked based on your schedule and as long as my calendar is open the class can be booked. All in-person classes are held in your home unless you book a venue for the class.


Meet your Chef/Host

Chef Afi Green graduated from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts for Patisserie and Baking in 2012 in Atlanta GA where she is originally from. Upon finishing school, she relocated to Kansas City, Missouri worked as a Head Chef at a corporate company in while she bootstrapped her way to opening her own cake decorating business. Although she loved the thrill of owning Kosmic Cake Art, she was called back to the east coast where she worked as the Kitchen Manager at a shared commercial kitchen space in Kearny, NJ She's now rediscovering her love for education and has launched in early 2020 DIY Kitchen Diaries in Newark  NJ, cooking classes  that brings traditional techniques to an easygoing atmosphere.


Let's Make Vegan Ramen Noodle Bowls

Join Chef Afi Green for this 2 hour class on how to make fresh Ramen noodle bowls. You'll have a chance to make the noodles from scratch and add all the other delicious ingredients. This class is $65 per person taught in your home and all the ingredients and tools are included. The last 1/2 an hour you'll get to enjoy the awesome food you just created. So Grab a apron and let's get cooking. 

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There's nothing as delicious as fresh pasta, and what could be better than making it yourself!? Learn how to make your own perfect pasta dough, and then transform it into beautiful Ravioli, Fettuccine, just like the Italian Master Chef, next you will pair your handcrafted pasta with a delicious burnt butter sage sauce. This class will be held on Oct 14th at 6:30 at 48 Kuna Terrace Irvington NJ 07111
No experience is required!  The class is $65 person and limited to 10 participants.
All ingredients and tools are supplied.

Cooking Ingredients


Come join Chef Afi in the kitchen on Saturday January 21st at the Greater Newark Conservancy at 11am for this fun in-person class. You'll have fun making my delicious Veggie Chili. This class is suited for adults and kids and is $5 per person through this community program.     
This class is held once a month, so look for more to come!

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Do you love to decorate sugar cookies? Well, If you do then you should definately check out this fun virtual decorating class. You'll learn how to make egg-free royal icing using Aquafaba. This is a 2 hour class, we will making royal icing from scratch & piping on your vegan t-shirts. There is also a cookie supply cookie kit will be included in this class, you'll receive 8 pre-made vegan sugar cookies, piping bags, powedered sugar for the royal icing and recipe guide. This class will be stream on the following dates Sunday March 13th and March 27th at 1pm EST. Kits are shipped out a week befor the class and the shipping is included in the cost of the class which is $50.



Do you have a special occasion coming up? Well if you do , DIY Kitchen Diaries is now offering pre-made small vegan cakes. 5 different flavors to choose from, Key Lime, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry lemonade, and White Coconut. These signature cakes are 6" round 4" tall, and are  $45 . Please place your order 2 weeks in Advance and cakes will deliver for a $10 delivery fee.

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In this fun hour class, you'll learn how make this Italian Inspired dish with a twist.  We'll also make my delicious Mushroom Risotto to compliment the Eggplant Parmesan. 
This class is taught in person and online. 
For the in-person class all supplies are provided. The online class you will receive a Recipe Guide that will list all ingredients and tools that will be needed for this class, the class will be taught on Zoom or Google Meeting. 
Virtual class $39 per person . In-person class $65 per person.

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Do you love Asian Inspired foods, Well if you do then you'll love this fun 90 min class on making veggie dumplings using a Bamboo Steamer. As well as learning how to roll a fresh Veggie Spring Roll from rice paper wrappers.

This class is taught in-person and live online. If you are participating in the in-person class all ingredients and supplies will be provided. If you are taking the virtual class you will receive a recipe guide via email listing all the ingredients and tools that are needed for the class. The virtual class will taught on either Zoom or Google Meeting. Virtual Class $39 per person and In-person class $65 per person. You can choose how you prefer to take the class when you purchase the class.

Sushi Roll


This is a fun hands on class on how to 2 types of sushi rolls . The Philadephia roll includes "lox carrot" ,cucumber and avocado. As well as learning how to make the maki roll  in this 2 hour class. $65 per person .
No experience required and you'll receive in the mail a DIY kit that will include the following, one bamboo mat, sushi rice, nori seaweed sheets , chopsticks and recipe guide. All perishable item must be purchase by the student.
All virtual classes are taught though Zoom and are limited to 4-8 to ensure all guest can participate and ask questions.

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Do you love cupcakes? Well, springtime is here  why not create these Instagram worth pics. Join Afi Green on March 18th and 20th for this fun virtual live baking class on how she creates these beautiful edible arrangements. You'll spend 2-3  hours in your kitchen following right a long side Afi while she walks you through step by step.  
Classes will be taught live on Zoom and you'll receive a small DIY Kit that includes piping bags, piping tips, natural food coloring and floral tin. You'll need to supply cupcakes and buttercream, but as extra bonus I will through in my vegan vanilla cupcake recipe!  You will be mailed the kit a week prior to the class. $40 per person.
No Experience Needed!  So Grab Your Apron and Let's Get  

Organic Vegetables


Are you new to Veganism, and not sure where to start. Well let me share my 40 years of experience with you though a 3 day virtual one on one cooking and coaching sessions . We will work side by side in our own kitchens creating mouthwatering vegan dishes, we will dive into pantry and refrigerated necessities. As well as all the tools that are needed. The sessions are 1 hour to 2 hours depending on the the meal that is created. You'll receive a downloadable recipe guide that will explain everything that you will need for each session. These recipes are easy to follow and are sure to please anyone .
All session are taught through Google Meeting and set up for a once a week  session. This series is $225 for the 3 weeks.



Be transported to Paris with this classic French Macaron class! Don your chef aprons. Let Chef Afi show you how create the delicious sweet treats made from almond flour and meringue . with this easy to follow step by step 2 1/2 hour class. $39 per person .
No experience required and you'll need supply the ingredients and supplies.
All virtual classes are taught though Zoom.  They are limited to 4-8 students  per class, to ensure all guest can participate and ask questions.



Do you love those flaky buttery pastries, well if you do .Then you'll want take this 3 hour virtual course on how to make them into the vegan version . 

No experience required and you'll need to supply your ingredients and tools. All of this information will be emailed to you once you have signed up for the class.

Which will be taught though Google Meeting. This class is $35 per person and is limited to 8 students per class to insure that all guest can participate and ask questions.